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COVID-19 : Our Gardening Services during this time

Firstly, Harborne Gardening Services remains open and we have been prioritising our regular customers, vulnerable customers who are isolating and want to get access to their garden and other maintenance jobs.

Whilst our supply chain has been disrupted, our suppliers are now starting to reopen and I am able to start supporting new customers with larger projects. Please note that lead times on materials might increase due to the additional demand. Where possible, we will plan further in advance to ensure your project has materials when expected so the work can continue without interruption.

I am fortunate in that I work outside and don’t come into close contact with my customers. However, I put the safety and well-being of my customers first and have introduced further measures during this time including:

  1. Reducing face-to-face contact with customers. I’ve embraced technology and have carried out video calls to discuss client requirements.

  2. Where I do need to conduct visits (for example to measure up), we can meet in your garden and either maintain a strict distance between us or talk on the phone while we walk the garden.

  3. While many of my lovely clients like to offer refreshments, I won’t be able accept them – so please don’t be offended.

  4. As ever, I am self-contained and will not need access to your home at any point.

  5. I carry sanitiser and PPE in the van and wash my hands in between site visits.

  6. As ever, payment for works carried out will be by BACs and will be highlighted on the customer invoice.

  7. In the event that either myself (or a member of my household) or any member of the client household is unwell, we will re-arrange your works for another time.

We will of course update this in line with any changes to Government guidelines.

If you have any questions about our services during this time, please don't hesitate to give me a call. 

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